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Default Editing Posts

Hey Brian, leapers

If no one minds, I have a concern I'd like to express.

So I've become uncomfortable with the limited window of time there is to edit a post, especially since I begun the thread for my screen capture collection. Double posting has always been something that unnerves me to have to do, I just find it sloppy and am quite the perfectionist when it comes to my writing both words and style.
In this case in particular, my screen capture thread, I would rather be updating the original post than to double and even triple post (which I did just now) to announce the addition of new episodes to my collection.

Perhaps there is a reason this was implemented (I am pretty sure it wasn't around when I was last active but I could have some swiss cheese holes in my memory HA! ) and if so I don't wish to disrespect that but perhaps you could at least make an exception for the original posts of one's own threads.

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