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Originally Posted by alsplacebartender
I'm not sure really. But if you edit the original post, there will be no notification that there is anything new. No one would know unless that just go to your thread all the time looking for updates. On other boards, that is aggravating since don't you want people to know when there is something new?
True, I see what you mean.
It's not simply the first post of a thread however, I also prefer to be free to edit my posts because I am simply picky about my wording. I might create a post one night before turning in and then the next morning come up with better wording for a sentence. When that happens it just bugs me hehe. So I'll desire to return and re-write the sentence. It's weird and unnecessary but it's me. XD

Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
The problem with an infinite time limit is, people can post something nasty and then after people respond to it in anger, go back and soften up their message, and we'd have no record of what they originally wrote.
While I can see the desire for a record of a rude post honestly I have a small biased here because though I have initiated massive improvement over the past several years, I have been that person and personally never intend the rudeness. I just have a bad habit of somehow wording myself in a way that's received rudely. So perhaps they are genuinely correcting an error.
But I suppose that is what the window to edit is for.

Thank you Feldon and Brian.
the 4 day extension is fine.

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