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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
Didn't Sam leap out very quickly in this episode? Pretty much he leaves Donna with her father, speaks to Al (who tells him the Watergate is happening now), and at the same time the students in the car profess their love, and Sam leaps. I don't think Sam really had time to ask what happened to Donna...

Although, you are right, he can probably sense that she's going to be ok. Maybe he subconsciously sensed that his own history was changing - although he continued to be ignorant of their marriage.
In the stairwell, when Sam had just left Donna with her father and was dancing happily as he went down the stairs, Al said something along the lines of "now that you fixed things with her father she may marry the first guy she was engaged to". Sam said no, Al asked him how he knew and Sam said something like he knows or G/T/F/W is on his side, something like that (he looked/gestured skyward when he said it). Of course Al could've just consulted the hand link on his own -- he already did it in two earlier leaps without Sam asking. At any rate the entire discussion was centered on whether or not Sam got his way and Donna would now marry him. Through the whole episode neither of them really gave a damn whether Donna was 'okay' or not for her own sake regardless of what Sam might or might not get out of it personally.
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