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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post

I was also reminded of Quantum Leap during the airings of the trailers for 2007 film, Source Code in which actor Jake Gyllenhaal was sent back in time where he switched places with another man in the last eight minutes of his life. In which time he needed to find a way to prevent the man's (and his own) death and some kind a bombing. He apparently fails several times and is forced back each time to try again.
The setting of the incident was all the more a reminder as it was aboard a train and I believe the man may have been accompanied by a significant other.
I never actually saw the film (so I could have some of the description wrong) but the resemblance had me interested.
You know what the awesome thing about this movie? Scott Bakula is the father of Jake Gyllenhaal's character. Sadly you only hear his voice I didn't know Quantum Leap when I first watched the movie and I thought that was pretty cool idea. Then I learnt QL had already done that
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