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here somethin that i are right about the moral issues as far for abigail, but in thrilogy 3 al said sam in the end of the ep when he revealed him that sami jo was his daugher,that sami jo found a way to make sam return back home.So what if sam originally was destined to fall for abigail and have a doughter from her and his daughter would found the way make him return back to his time??if sam never slept with abigail or fall for her then sami jo wouldnt exist and maybe sam would stuck in the past forever leaping from one person to another.Sam like we all figured out he wasnt destined to marry donna.thats why donna left him in the altar becouse if she didnt maybe he wouldnt made the ql he did and he start leaping but then he changed history when he reunited donna with her dad and so on and on... and of course he did one mistake he hurt donna. Accidently of course by continued leaping, And later with sami jo.IN 2 words sam wasnt destined to marry donna but abigail and his doughter would saved him in the end.The only that troubles me in that ep is al . when he saw that sam was having sex with her and he left her pregneaut i think he had the obligation to tell him about donna.But i think the writers didnt care about the moral issue of that episode.they wanted to make the show more ecxiting and little movin in the end.
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