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This episode rates very highly with me, even though I have one little niggle with it.
It bothers me that Sam, dazed from the shot that grazed his head, promptly borrowed the car from the old ladies and drove to the railway line. I appreciate he wouldn't want to put them in danger by having them drive, but on his way to ask for their keys he is almost run over - by a taxi! Wouldn't it have been more responsible for him to have the taxi drive him? I'm sure if it already had a fare aboard they would have allowed him to 'highjack' it if he explained it was to save a life. Less dramatic, I'll grant you, but more realistic.

Having said that, I love this episode for Sam's angst, for AL's prayer, for any number of things. I have to confess I cried when Sam got shot and Al prayed for him, and since I had not long been watching the series, and didn't know if it was on the verge of cancellation, I didn't have the stock comforter of "he can't die, he's got to come back next week!" I was sucked in, and every bit as concerned as Al for the Leaper's life.

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