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Despite that I missed out on the fun of the mystery because I was told before I saw it, the eeriness of this episode is just brilliant. May I begin by saying how I adore how this connects to a conversion between Sam and Al in M.I.A.

"That's if He's the only one at work here, but you're forgetting about Him." *jabs a finger downward*
"I don't believe in the devil Al."

"Who gave you the right to go bungling around in time, putting right what I made wrong!"

This seems to explain the Evil Leapers. I'm not going to get into it because this is not the proper thread but the first two leaps involving them seem to directly be aimed at opposing Sam though it's pretty directly implied that they don't realize it. See the 'Evil Leapers' thread within the character discussion forum for the full version of my Evil Project theory.
Their part of the connection wasn't intended since the Evil Leapers like the celebrity leaps were a ploy forced by the network which adopted the show for it's fifth season but it's there nonetheless.

It was an interesting revelation how Sam didn't seem to be as fooled as he seemed throughout the episode, having been able to name almost every flaw with the Al guise. A couple I'd add is his lack of Al's fashion sense and not briefly drooling over Mary before naming her a suspect. This is debatable but it also doesn't seem very Al to have suspected a woman in the first place. To me that seemed like part of the murder mystery set up which was meant to attack Sam's fear of failure (or at least that's my theory) thus rendering him vulnerable.

One of the most spine shivering things about the devil character was that damn wheeze of a laugh. Obviously those cigars of Dean's actually provided a service. Personally I would love to hear him talk about playing this role.

The angle with Stevie, which had also been ruined for me was clever and amusing. In a way it seems like the whole thing with Joshua Ray and his comment of "There were two of you and one of you tried to kill me" was rearranged into one of Stephan King's novels 'The Dark Half.' (Google it) Fictionally of course in the QL universe. I only saw the film and that is one creepy story.

The opening is actually one of the most amusing moments when Sam reads that the book he was holding was published in 1879 and looking around at the surrounding decor and his outfit, that 's when he thinks he is for a moment. Oh dear sweet Sam, how he forgets his logic sometimes. XD Though we find out later that as long as the leapee is a Beckett ancestor/relative he can in fact leap prior to his lifetime.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
I believe that it really did happen, and God reset the leap. It's been shown several times in the series that God will intervene to help Sam if it looks like he will fail
Agreed. This is also supported by the tolling of the clock and the few shots we get of it's face while Sam and the devil are strangling each other. It actually doesn't make sense to me how Al didn't seem to remember the devil except that perhaps God wanted it that way.

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