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Default Re: Round Robin 3: Part Eight

"Grow hairs on my tosesies." Joel squealed with delight and jumped up and down with excitement. His dad never allowed him in the kitchen whenever there was cooking going on and this was a new adventure for him.

Al?s head integrated with the different wall cupboards until he found exactly what he was looking for, then turning to the excited toddler he said. "Tell Anna we?ll be needing the dried ravioli from this cupboard." He pointed to the left.

"Yeah, yeah." Joel continued jumping with glee; an outstretched hand wavered towards the cupboard indicated by Al. "Angul Al said to get the rovolloly."

Al smiled at the mispronunciation of ?ravioli? from the infant.

"You mean ravioli, silly." Anna corrected and proceeded to the appointed cabinet and opened the door, but Anna couldn?t quite reach the top shelf, even when she strained on tiptoes.

"Joel?" Al said, getting the youngster's attention. "Tell her to get the little steps from the larder."

"Okie, angel Al." Joel ran to his sister and tugged at her skirt, then ran to the larder struggling with the door. "Angul Al said to get the likle steps." He said, disappearing into and clattering about in the darkness, grunting, he finally emerged with a small stepladder in tow.

Anna rushed to his aid as she saw her brother struggling. Small was the operative word, the ladder was twice as big as the two year old Joel, but he was a determined kid and pushed Anna away as she offered help.

"Me do it!" He puffed, dragging the steps along the linoleum towards the allotted cupboard.

"That?s a boy." Al said, remembering what it was like to be an independent youngster.

"We could have done it a lot quicker if you?d let me do it." Anna said as Joel finally relinquished his grip and let his sister take over.

Anna climbed to the third step and hauled down the packet of ravioli.

"Now we gotta cook this in a little salted water, so we?re gonna be needing a pan." Al pointed up to the rack above the stove. "The big one I think."

Joel ran to the stove and pointed to the rack of pans. "Big un! Big un!" He yelled at Anna.

Al?s face puckered at the infants squeals; he turned to the hallway, hoping that the noise didn?t interrupt Sam?s conversation on the phone. ?Why do kids always have to make so much noise at everything?? But he didn?t really mind, ?at least the kid has his mind on other things, for now.?

"Tell Anna to fill it half full with water now Joel." Al said as Anna replaced the stepladder and climbed up so that she could reach the pans.

"Water now." Joel squealed once again.

Anna held the pan under the running water. "Who?s tellin? yer all o? this Joel? That can?t really be an angel you?re talkin? to, there aint no such things as angels really and sides I can?t see no angel."

"It?s the agnul that took momma away and make her better." Joel grinned widely. "He?s gonna help ?til she gets back."

Anna looked thoughtful, forgetting about the filling pan.

Al too looked at the youngster thoughtfully, ?how can you explain to a kid of his age that his momma died and she won?t be coming back.? "Tell Anna that there?s enough water, if she fills it up too much she wont be able to carry it."

"Nuff, nuff." Joel said; a little more quietly this time and Anna turned off the supply of water.

Anna tried to lift the pan but it was too heavy. "I?m gonna have to pour some away." She said, tilting the pan on its side, emptying some of the contents and repeating the process until she was able to lift it and carry it to the stove.

"Woha, there?s not enough water there, but never mind, we?ll just have to add more later." Suddenly a thought popped into Al?s head. ?Never work with children and animals.? He pondered the thought, ?Now whoever thought that one up? In a way they?re right, but hey pal, be thankful for small mercies, whoever did think it up probably never had any children. Probably someone like our Mrs. Tate.? He looked into the hallway again but it was empty. "Hold it there kids, don?t do anything else, I just want a word with your daddy. Don?t do anythin' I wouldn?t do, I'll be back in the shake of a lambs tail."

Joel giggled at the thought of a lamb shaking it's tail and Al took the shortcut into the living room.
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