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Default Round Robin 3: Part Ten

"I just love those kids to death!" Shelly said wistfully as she sat back, and drained a beer. She belched a bit, and giggled when the two men glanced over at her amused. "Sorry!"

"No your not," Sam laughed, and then thought aloud. "Soooo, you love my kids, huh?"

"Damn good idea, Danny! If Shelly becomes the kids sitter, then the money you were paying her..."

"Would help you guys out, too!" Sam nodded his head as he finished the sentence. "What do you think, Shelly?"

Shelly sat watching the tennis match being lobbed before her with a horrific gaze. "Don't I get a choice in the matter?"

Sam saw the smile in her eyes. "No."

She laughed and playfully swatted at him, missing by a mile. "Okay... but remember, I have dental needs!"

Sam choked on his beer and the other two laughed at his expense. The rest of the night went similarly smooth. Sam ate a salad from the ingredients of the refrigerator, and silently thanked the real Daniel Ackerman for his good health sense. Of course it was right during the time when health kicks were starting all over the country, so it really wasn't so surprising once Doctor Beckett thought about it.

They sat and comfortably watched the Golden State Warriors torture a rival team for the next couple of hours. Sam couldn't actually remember a time when he HAD watched a sports event... usually he was smack dab in the middle of it!! He was having a ball when he heard the distinct sound of the Imaging Chamber door open up behind him. He kept his face neutral, in case Shelly noticed the difference. She did look around for a second, saw Sam looking at her, and winked in response, and right back into the game her attention went. She leaned against Billy the way lovers do
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