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Default Re: Round Robin 2: Part Five

Sam laughed. "I----- I don't think so, Bob-bina!" and he dinked Bobby's nose, smearing the white goo that was on there in a desperate attempt to save his reddening skin. "Besides, this was my first time barefoot skiing."

Sam stopped for a second, puzzled. "Um, it was, right?"

Bobby laughed. "Y-yeah!! *snort* 'Bobbina'!! That's a good one kid!"

Sam sat down, gingerly rubbing his feet. He smiled up as another person came up to talk to him.

"Not bad fer y'er first time barefoot skiin'!!" It was the young man that Sam had first seen when he leapt in... the one with the reflective sunglasses.

"Yeah, right!" Sam muttered, getting both young men to laugh. The newcomer gestured to Sam's feet. "Those'll be stingin' for a while! But you should try it again pretty soon. They'll toughen' up. And next time, sweetheart..."

Sam looked up to see a lifevest dangling before him.

"Next time, wear the flippin' vest! If the Lake Patrol had caught you doing what you did without a vest, they'd shut us down in a heart beat. Well," he said as he stood up. "That about finishes us, right?"

"Sure does, Darrel! Thanks for the lessons," Bobby said, relieving Sam to no end on who the kid's name was.

"Well, remember, if you need any other help, just come by the dock tomorrow. I'm usually here in the morning to about mid-day." Then he put on the vest and started to walk away, still smiling, but now the smile seemed forced. He climbed in the boat, which was now filled with several other young people.

"C'mon Searcy! Get goin'! Y'er ol' man will tan ya good if you don't get this heap back to the docks in Camdent'n!"

Darrel just laughed, muttered "F.T's" and started the boat, and took off far faster than he was supposed to from the dock. All too quickly, they were out of sight around the bend. But their voices trailed on as did the sound of the gunnin' motor for a few moments longer.

Sam sat there, amused by the incident. He shook his head, knowing there was something derrogatory about the comment Darrel had made, yet didn't want to pursue it.

"The NERVE!" Bobby said.

"Wha?" Sam looked up.

"Oh, we only paid for the lesson, and the boat rental, and then they call us 'F*in' Tourists'!!"

Sam blinked, laughed and stood up with a grimace. "C'mon... lets get back to um... home!"

Bobby laughed, his mood changing slightly. "Oh, so now that 'flea-bag' rental cabin is a 'home', huh?"

Sam joined in with Bobby's infecteous laughter. "Yeah!"

"Well, that's cool, though. I bet Brent's got dinner ready! You always did like him better than me... I suspect it's because he can cook, and all I can do is melt butter!"

Sam felt the smile drift off his face as the name 'Brent' registered.

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