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Article 534:
big awsome news

Date: 03/04/2000
From: edar

ok today my parents had a parent teacher confince with my english teacher Mrs.Pratt well in the discousion the subject of what tv shows i watched poped up and due to doing kinda badly in schoo...well thats a different story...anyway i went through a list and QL was one and she paused and said her 2nd cousin debbie pratt happened to write for that show i was like WOW!!!it was so cool to know my teacher is related to the writer of ql

Reply 1:
That's cool
Date: 03/04/2000
From: fireyf
That's awesome. You should ask her to tell her cousin to tell Bellisario (who, by the way, is Deborah Pratt's husband) to start the show up again.

Reply 2:
If I were you...
Date: 03/05/2000
From: GabeGonzalez

If I were you I'd arrange to meet with Debbie Pratt. Hell, you could possibly meet Bakula or Stockwell one day.
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