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Like Chicken Boo, other than work, work, work and a little more work, I didn't go anywhere special this summer, but I did do something unique: I recorded an audio book.

Last year, through a friend, I became interested in, and then involved in, amateur voice acting; even snagged a role in a ST-based audio drama called Star Trek: Excelsior. In early April of this year, on an amateur VA (voice acting) website I frequent, I saw an audition posting for someone to read an already published book (The Rhesus Factor written by Sonny Whitelaw) that the author is having made into an audio book. I'm one of those people who enjoy reading aloud, so I threw caution to the winds, took a deep breath and took a chance. I sent in the requested audition and three days later, to my stunned surprise, got the nod to be the reader.

It was a huge undertaking because the book's word count was 115,000 plus words (32 chapters), a fact clearly stated in the audition post and I had a bit under 4 months to complete it (end of July). Another important point is that it was a totally non-paying gig, which was stated prominently in the audition post. Well, in spite of a lot of long hours spent recording (nothing fancy, just a microphone in my little home office) and then editing what I read, it was a lot of fun and a bit of an education, too. And, in the very wee hours of the morning of July 20th, I sent in the last chapter, completing the book with 11 days to spare. From what I was told, barring any delays, the audio book should be released sometime this month.

I've also become a regular story reader for an audio website called Well Told Tales and, last but not least, I've begun learning how to write some forms of poetry I'd never even read before (haiku, senryu, nonette and reverse nonette).

Thus, I come to the end of my recitation of the high points of "What I did this summer".

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