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A beautiful, wonderful start to the 3rd season of Quantum Leap. The personal favourite of Scott Bakula's, and I can't really blame him. In most lists of favourite episodes this one usually lands near the top. For me, this is definite top 20 and close to being in the top 10. There are so many things I like about it.

First of all, I like having faces and characters to connect with in regards to Sam's family. What I mean is, Sam will often mention his father, mother, brother and sister during leaps, and things that happened in his past. Knowing these characters ourselves helps us to relate to Sam's feelings of homesickness. I think, in the grand scheme of things, the Beckett farm will always be Sam's real home, even above the future home he left when he stepped into the accelerator.

The real tragedy of this leap, though, is that for the most part Sam doesn't get to enjoy it. He's so single-minded in his attempts to save his family that he nearly wrecks everything for himself and his family. Honestly, this part of the episode is what stops this from ranking even higher on my list. Of course I can understand Sam's desire to change the future for the ones he loves most, but there comes a point in the episode where I think he should know he's pushing things too far (the moment he admits to knowing the future is that point, for the record). I also can't help but feel placing this episode directly after M.I.A. (and even making references towards that episode) was a bad move on Don's part. It just adds to Sam's hypocrisy, really. The moment it comes to himself and his family the rules don't matter anymore. It just isn't Sam like, really.

My favourite scene has to be the one where Sam goes running off and Al finally confronts him about his recent behaviour. Al's small, but significant speech is one of the best moments of the entire series. "I'd give anything to have what you have, Sam. Anything."

My rating. Excellent. A brilliant start to the 3rd season.
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