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Originally Posted by angvee
Has there ever been a fan film made by anyone picking up where "Mirror Image" ended?
I don't believe so. The only fan made film that I'm aware of is 'A Leap to Di For' which explores Sam trying to save Princess Diana's life.
It can be watched on Youtube, I've only ever seen a trailer but just found the full film. It was just put up last August which would explain why I couldn't find it at the time I'd last tried as it was further back than that.
(for obvious reasons Scott and Dean were not involved in this production, the roles of Sam and Al are played by different actors).

Originally Posted by angvee
Also...... The B******** episode........ Is there a reason people do not speak about this episode very often if at all? When I have seen people speak about this episode it is always written with asterisks........
The Boogiem*n episode is said to be cursed. Supposedly VCRs have malfunctioned while playing it and computers have crashed while displaying it's content.
I myself have never had any such experiences though I've watched the episode dozens of times as its one of my favorites.

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