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Originally Posted by MichelleD View Post
"A Leap to Di For" is very well done and a good alternative to an actual reunion. Of course, a reunion with Scott and Dean in their original roles wouldn't happen at this point, but I would love to see something where they are mentoring a younger generation. Something with Sam mentoring Sammie Jo could work, although of course it wouldn't be the same and there would be no way it could be. The original show and cast were one of a kind and it's not likely that same magic would work in any other circumstances.

I don't believe in "curses" per se; I think people more often than not bring bad stuff on themselves, and by that I mean they do so by making bad choices. I do know stuff happens you can't control; that's not what I'm talking about. I do think that if enough bad stuff is happening you should take note of it. I do believe in the idea that if you don't want trouble you shouldn't go looking for it.
What you say here is what I was thinking actually
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