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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Today I was able to have my best friend over to watch 'A Leap to Di For' and it happens to touch on the project in ways that fulfill Angvee's desire for a post-'Mirror Image' portrayal.

Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)

It makes (a somewhat unsettling) suggestion as to the fate of the project in the several years that passed after the events of 'Mirror Image' with this leap being the first in which they were able to contact Sam again. Though there were some pieces of information that weren't clarified such as how with the project seemingly having been shut down were they able to connect to Sam by use of an artificial Al projection and I didn't completely follow that letter Sam emailed to the project from the Paris hotel. Sammy-Jo's opening scene where she is seen making a plea to the government to re-open the project didn't add up for me entirely, shouldn't the argument that no one from the present is in contact with Sam only feed their suspicion that the whole thing is a hoax? Or am I misunderstanding something? Some of it was a bit hard to follow and on the subject of Sammy-Jo I was not impressed with her casting. She didn't at all look or sound Southern and she shouldn't be a blond...not that light anyway. Abigail had auburn hair and while the child's hair contains several pigments from both parents and possibly even grandparents, darker hair always dominates in genetics.

The Princess Diana story is something I can't comment too much on as I was ten in August of '97 and all I cared about then was Nickolodeon, Disney films and Super Nintendo but the whole Sam exposing himself aspect of it was a bit too heavy and came across as pretty ridiculous. That she was so easily persuaded to consider a future knowledge/time travel claim didn't feel believable and her way of acting against the warning is questionable but I'll let someone who knew what she was actually like inform me. One thing I do know which I think needed some insight here was the fact that it's theorized that her death was NOT an accident.

Also perhaps an expert can answer a curiosity; the change that it turned out Sam did need to make in her life which was convincing her to talk to her children one last time, did the writer do that to give it the Jackie Kennedy treatment? Is that how it actually happened? One thing about that confused me though, she had decided that calling her boys would be giving into fear so how did she come around to doing it anyway?

The one thing missing from her portion of the leap which I actually missed was the after shots of her funeral, actually I'd been expecting a scene where the news is delivered that she'd been in an accident and died but the slideshow would have been just as good and I did like how they did that in the beginning like how 'LHO' opened.

Not to worry, I always tend to get my negative comments out of the way first and now it's time for the positive. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Joshua's Ramsey's performance, I personally really felt him channeling Scott. His tones, expressions and gestures were pretty spot on to how Scott delivers the character of Sam and the fact that they actually gave him the white lock of hair was just epic! The only issue my best friend and I had with him was that they needed to lighten the rest of his hair, it was too dark. He was fantastic though. The casting for Al was so-so, they got a guy with a decent look but his delivery was not as strong as Ramsey's, he didn't give his Al enough energy and it was a bit off putting that he lacked that cigar voice that Dean naturally brought to the role.
I found the character writing and the Meredith story to have been very well done. That had a very classic Quantum Leap feel to it tough it seemed the solution to the strained relationship between her and her father was rushed and squished in there, the focus was a bit too much on Princess Diana when it should have at least been evenly distributed between both tasks if not more to Meredith.

Overall I found it to be pretty well thought out and made.
Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
The project hadn't been shut down, but their funding had been so dramatically cut that the entire project had to scaled down and automated (by computers that were vastly out of date and would crash constantly) with only minimal staff (Sammy Jo to run what was left of the project, someone to look after the leapee, and a computer technician). This is why they were still able to get a fake-Al hologram out to Sam to help him. This is also why Sammy Jo told the committee that once a week a technician would reboot the system. It was during this rebooting that the technician was able to obtain the encrypted letter Sam sent to the project and passed it on to Sammy Jo. As for Sammy Jo's actress, Chris was more concerned with having a solid cast than trying to recreate everything from the original series in great detail.

As for the Jackie Kennedy treatment (or as it's more widely known, the "rubber-band history", as it starts out as a stretch but then springs back to the "correct" timeline), that's exactly what Chris was going for. As for calling the boys, you forget that bravery isn't an absence of fear, it's doing what you think is right even if you are scared of the obstacles in the way. Also love is more powerful than fear, obviously the boys were always on her mind and as such she felt she had to let them know she loved them.

As for having aftermath of her death shown during the ending, I'm sure that might have crossed Chris' mind, but he was doing his best to not be tasteless, and it could easily have been thought of that way. Remember, Diana's death is much more recent in history than the Kennedy Assassination.

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