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Thanks for the answers Lightning, you made complete sense of the things that didn't come across clearly to me but regarding this:

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
As for calling the boys, you forget that bravery isn't an absence of fear, it's doing what you think is right even if you are scared of the obstacles in the way. Also love is more powerful than fear, obviously the boys were always on her mind and as such she felt she had to let them know she loved them.
Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
My comment there was NOT suggesting that her handling of the situation was invalid but pointing out how the writer presented it. She'd picked up the receiver to call her boys upon Sam's warning but then replaced it in it's cradle with a monologue about how she wanted to be someone for her people who didn't give into fear. That's where my confusion was.

Perhaps the aftermath wasn't necessary but given the opening it would have just made it feel more closed off, plus the use of the Elton John tribute 'Goodbye England's Rose' would have been great but that's copyright stuff so I see where that would have been a hassle. As for Princess Diana being more present than JFK, I know it's crazy but to me and I am sure a good percent of the population it doesn't feel like it and I would have said the same in 2009 when this was made.


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