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One of the best episodes from Season 3, it is. Minor details here and there that I didn't care for, like the telephone ringing at the exact moment when he's going to get fried and the call saves him (that one has been overused in movies since the day they were invented) and some of the scenes on the church with the picture of the Madonna (now I can't help to see that whole scene as some sort of irony, considering what happens next).

Other than that, this was, as many have said before me, a pretty intense episode. This one was proof that Deborah Pratt could be pretty dark and engaging whenever she felt like it and in this season she not only showed that, but she also demonstrated that she could write pretty mature and interesting characters.

I loved Tersa as much as I did all the other bad and good guys. Raul was pretty three dimensional. Even though he's not considered as a known actor, I think Julio Oscar Mechoso is outstanding (I saw him in The Big Bang Theory once playing a minor role, a cop I believe, but he was outstanding there as well). The main bad guy, don't remember his name now, the one Tersa was supposed to work for, was pretty menacing and also very three dimensional. Even all the other couple of cops were three dimensional, in my opinion. I have to be honest: The first time I saw this installment I thought the bad guy was gonna win, and when he has that last scene with Sam where he tells him about "the last dance before death" and that little music played out (some kind of bells), I thought for a moment that maybe he was again The Devil from "The B**gieman" that had somehow come back. That was a very creepy experience and then comes the whole ending. One of the few QL episodes that truly kept me on the edge of my seat.

My favorite moments: When Raul and Sam talk to each other from cell to cell seeing each other on the mirrors they're holding and Raul tells him their story with the priest that was murdered (so touching), when the father visits Sam in his cell and tells him he has to ask for forgiveness and Sam tells him he knows God isn't gonna leave him there hanging and that he doesn't have to ask for anything because he hasn't done anything wrong, that moment was pretty hilarious but crafted in a way that it's still pretty unsettling, great stuff, and the church scene with the light from Ziggy's metal detector and the interaction between Tersa and the little girl, very well acted and directed. I feel like whenever Michael Watkins was in the director's chair, he never disappointed, he was quite good.

An episode to remember. Every time someone mentions Season 3 to me, this is one of the first 3 episodes that come to mind, the others are Future Boy and The B**gieman.

My rating: Excellent.
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