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Originally Posted by sonea View Post
In Double Identity Sam originally leaps into Frankie. When Sam and Theresa are together in Don Geno's attic later on in the episode when Sam was trying to recreate the time he lept in so that he could be retrieved, Don Geno finds them in the attic. At that point the blackout occurs and Sam leaps out of Frankie and into Don Geno. Frankie (as himself) is quite worried when he realizes he's been caught by Don Geno and can't remember that it's the day after the wedding and tries to make up an excuse that he and Theresa are looking for luggage or something like that. This suggets that the leapee has no clue what has happened during the time they were in the waiting room or even that they had been leaped out of themselves.
At the end of "Roberto", Sam says on TV he'll be talking about his "experience on an alien spacecraft" (I think), so this suggests that they have some memory of the Waiting Room.

In "The Leap Back", Sam lost all memory of his leaps, so this suggests that all the leapees gained those memories. Also, In "A Leap For Lisa", St John reminds Sam that he loses parts of his memory after every leap, suggesting that he probably would not remember most of what happened on other leaps - so the leapee probably gets them when they leap back.

The gaining of these memories must take a little time though, because in the early seasons, Sam remembers his most previous leap, and also in "Double Identity", Frankie did not have any idea what Sam had done as him.
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