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Originally Posted by leaper1
Actually, if you check out the Virtual Seasons (*shameless plugosity*) the premise is that they had a boy from that night, and his name is Stephen, and he is a genius like his father.
Actually, that's not entirely accurate. During the beginning of the 3rd virtual season (Season 8 ), Sam leaped into himself in May of 1995, the day before he stepped into the Accelerator in a 2-part episode called, "I Will Love You Forever." The night that he and Donna spent together in that story resulted in Stephen being retroactively born on February 12, 1996... which means that he would now be about 10 years old.

Of course, many fans have theorized that Sam and Donna might have conceived a child during "The Leap Back." As far as The Virtual Seasons goes, though, they didn't conceive a child that night. Of course (as Mike and I wrote just recently in this week's episode), the VS could be just one of an infinite number of realities that continue the QL saga.

Incidentally, a younger Elijah Wood was "virtually" cast as Stephen Beckett.

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