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Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
In It's a Wonderful Leap, Sam is driving Max's taxi and Angelita is along for the ride. Al pops in right in front of the cab, causing Sam to slam on the brakes. The cab goes through Al, stopping where Al is sticking out of the bonnet/hood of the cab. As Angelita goes nuts ("Ah, Madre de Dios! Why did you do that?"), Al says "Oh, 'I brake for holograms', huh?" Sam shoots him a look and says to Angelita, "Um I was just testing the brakes."

(Context note: For a while in the U.S., [don't know about U.K.] there were bumper stickers all over stating that the driver brakes for whatever he/she brakes for. Some examples include: "I brake for butterflies", "I brake for horses", "I brake for tailgaters", that kind of thing. If I remember correctly, this was about the time when QL was in production, but my memory could be way off. I like Al's phrase, and I'm considering having a bumper sticker made which features his quote. )

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