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Originally Posted by cookiemom6067

I thought the twist - where the mom DIDN't run away was excellent - it showed how Al's assumptions and prejudices based on his own life experiences can lead him astray and was a good use of a plot twist.
That the thing...isn't Ziggy supposed to figure out what's sam mission and not Al?so...If Ziggy is such an advanced computer how could he missed it?!

Originally Posted by cookiemom6067
Fraying rope = suspense.
But the rope didn't torn up in the end,so why Paul Brown decided he just have to put it in his script?! It was juch an unnecessery Cliche!

Originally Posted by cookiemom6067
I'm curious - how would you have had the episode play out?
I would cut off the frying rope and wouldn't write the "revenge" scene - first of all - Butchie Could never done anything like that in his age to Alexandra. he just didn't look strong enough to do something like that and it's pretty much expose that Butchie is not really Butchie,and Sam doesn't suppose to do it,Does he?!
ohh...and i would give Alexandra a few more lines to say.
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