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Originally Posted by isz
My least favourite episode from the "Evil leaper" trilogy the acting was quite good,but i thought the episode itself was hmmm... Too "messy",and the truth is - i thought it was quite boring and a bit ridiculous.
one of my least favourite of the series and it would probably be in my last 10 of QL.
I agree. I detest this episode. I could follow who could see whom, but I thought the plot was a not-believable mess. Especially the ending. Al suddenly blurts out all this information, which Sam repeats, and people believe him. Huh? Alia disappears, and Al says, "Wherever she is, she's free." So how does Ziggy know that? Didn't work for me.

BTW Can some one tell me how could Alia see Thames?!
Oh... good question. Maybe because it's the same computer processing the data? They just happen to have compatible brainwaves? In Killing Time, Al couldn't see Gooshie when Gooshie was in the Imaging Chamber, although he could hear Gooshie. So I suppose it's not unreasonable that Alia could also see Thames. See, hear, what's the difference?

However, I really enjoy the outtakes from Revenge of the Evil Leaper. They're a hoot. Poor Scott looks totally confused, while Dean, trouper that he is, just keeps going, repeating his lines until the director realizes they have run out of script. It's on the website, check it out.
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