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Originally Posted by ChickenStu View Post
He was at London Comic Con 2009. I'm sorry to say that he came across as kind of a jerk. His autograph was stupidly expensive (but like an idiot I still paid to get it) and he was charging more than anyone else there.
He was also refusing to have his photo taken with fans.

I still took a cheeky photo anyway though, lol.

When I met him, told him I was a huge fan of the show he was just like "yeah yeah, that's great" and I was kind of waved along so he could meet this next person in the queue. Made me feel kind of worthless actually.

So guys, there you go. That's what your hero is like in real life.
oh ! poor guy ! i hope your' not so disapointed ! i suppose you know this is not his job but he's obliged to do this for business ( i think ) ! he prefer certainly make his real job : playing caracters on movies !!
this job whit autographs and picts whit fans is certainly restricting for him !! he like certainly do it for us but imagine this all the day, during 8 or 10 hours a day !!

i dont know how much of us could be do it sincerely whit pleasure after hours whith pressure, much noise, much crush !!! poor guy ! poor actor !
lucky or not ????

Is it realy the job we love him in ??
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