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Thanks guys!

It's all still under construction to be filmed next year.
I got the 'series bible' with is the rules of the world, characters, and so on and episode outlines. But as I still got time'll probably tweak and improve it to the very last minute. Still writing the script proper.

The working title is Zajen which is the name of one of the characters (Helen and Ohboy, you know him, this is all based on the short story you kindly test read for me!)

How can I talk about it without giving too much away... hmm.

Here's the Proposal:

It is my intention to produce a broadcast quality pilot episode based on a self-created television series. Another focus will lie in learning how to receive funding and getting in touch with the world of distribution. Balanced with making the best possible use of this opportunity to hone my skills it is my final goal to successfully sell it. I will make use of a mixture of professional cast and crew and students as required and financially possible.
A series bible already exists and adjustments will be made as needed to accommodate budget, time and other constraints. The script itself will be developed with professional or semi-professional assistance.

I wish to showcase the following skill set and experience: intensive training and a Bachelor of Arts in acting for screen and stage, my observations of established directors and acting coaches, experience as a Martial Arts instructor in several styles, a good grasp of basic psychology and easy access to specialized psychology related knowledge. I have a strong desire to create a high quality, touching piece of work with subtle undercurrents, causing people to think and re-evaluate their perception of their own limitations and opportunities combined with an element of adventure and escapism. My genre of choice to this end is a mixture of fantasy, science fiction and the supernatural.

I have a good understanding of the underlying technology and organisational needs and have a solid level of skill on most crew roles. It may be possible to secure a Steadicam before principal photography, which I would operate myself for a number of shots. I have a keen interest in all elements of directing, but my focus and main strength lies in working with actors. Rehearsals will be very intensive and involved, with the aim to create extremely truthful, nuanced and touching performances and a boot-camp phase to prepare the performers for their combat scenes.

The stories are very personal and character driven. And it's a bit of a trojan horse hiding a mission of let's call it perceptual re-education. It's basing on the premise that all souls are equal and perceptions of the world or one's own helplessness (looking at proper psychology with all this), thought's like, 'it's a man's world' or 'survival of the fitest' (Which wasn't Darwin's statement!!) are the real poison causing a lot of unnecessary suffering. I'm also gonna challenge the idea that the stronger and better trained fighter (although it is an advantage) will always win. But I'm not gonna hit people over the head with it either. It'll be subtly layered into the entertainment

The traits one of the main characters has in common with good old Sam is an 'invisible helper' and possibly, I'm not sure though, may change, the ability to foresee events.

Whatdya think? Given that I didn't really tell you very much, anyone interested in watching such a show?
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