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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
Also, something else I thought of...

Since under hypnosis Alia was remembering parts of Angel's life... would that mean that Angel (in the Waiting Room) was remembering parts of Alia's life? What horrible memories she must have had to endure. Or would she just have been "empty" (for lack of a better term)...
It's definitely a two-way street, as "Lee Harvey Oswald" and "Return Of the Evil Leaper" proved, when the leapee absorbs just as much of Sam's memory as he does theirs.

And speaking of that, Warden Meyers was a serial rapist, known by the prison guards to rape some of the female convicts. So when Zoey had her "wonderful plans," was that because she was evil, was given that information of Meyers by Thames, or was it just a coincidence?
- Chris
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