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Originally Posted by blue enigma
If I'm not mistaken Ziggy didn't offer information that wasn't asked for. Even in 'The Leap Back' she plays a game with Sam that he has to drag the information out of her.
Yeah that's what I was saying earlier but Ladystoneheart had me wondering otherwise.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
Yeah, Al knows his friend very well. He may have already had experience with Sam making exceptions for himself. And yeah, he probably didn't remember the Donna leap but still, in 'The Leap Home' when Al asks "Why is it different? Because it's you this time?" Sam says yes. Whether he remembers the Donna leap or not, Sam definitely feels he's special and entitled to more than everyone else.

But in the end he does make things right and we love him for that.
True and the fact that he even remembers the rule when he didn't in Star Crossed is suggestive that he remembers being reminded. The novels express that his leap memories are selective but the show doesn't clarify that. As far as well can tell he retains the memories of his previous leaps and his personal memories only continue to return. The only exceptions being the project specifics like Ziggy's inner workings (something that is clarified in The Leap Back) and of course his marriage to Donna. In fact what memories of the project he does retain might only be that of what Al has told him not actual memories.

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