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I don't mean to double-post, can't edit...

Anyway, just wanted to say that the highlight of this episode is the scene in the Waiting Room. I enjoyed Liz's verbal face-off with Al, and she is right, she (and many other leapees) are much better off in the Waiting Room than where they were.

The catatonic Angel actually really upsets me, he appearance is short but does the job. She is obviously experiencing Alia's memories (since Alia has most of hers), and since the memory of all her evil deeds even upset Alia (like in Deliver Us From Evil when she says "I can't kill all those people again...") they must have been so traumatising for poor Angel who didn't have all the time Alia had to learn to live with them. Al was right that she would be fine when she leapt back, but this is probably what set Liz off, as Al was not very sympathetic...
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