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This was a very good episode throughout. Funny in a lot of places. I noticed that some of the directing was a bit bad, especially when it came to some 'action' sequences like getting hit or the fighting scenes (Cliff Bemis's [?] acting was very good up until that final confrontation), but that's probably because Andy Cadiff didn't know how to execute them well (another ep. where this is so evident is "Glitter Rock", directed by the same guy and, again, all the action scenes looked so fake it was hard not to notice them). Another sort of a letdown was the character of Diane. I liked her a lot and she was so funny and most of the time I simpatized with her but there were a couple of moments were she was just so annoying and immature. Either way, those things were not so important and I still enjoyed this installment a lot. Nothing great by all means but quite entertaining. And for me this is just like a transition between Glitter Rock and the very next great episode Last Dance... Wasn't ever too crazy about Al's Maxine little story.

Some favorite parts were when the bus driver tells the bad cops about one of the rules from the regulation book, when Diane tells Sam she wants to sleep on the floor and Sam just puts her on the floor but she's still tied up to the chair, when Sam shows up after Diane on the street and he's still handcuffed but with the broken wood and Diane tells him that he's the bounty-hunter from hell and the very ending of the ep.

My rating: Good.
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