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Default Quantum leap Dracula a leap into darkness

Part 1

After Sam leaps out of his most recent host as he is leaping through time he felt like he was back in the quantum leap accelerator with his arms stretched out moving his arms slowly over his head at that moment it felt like he could just reach out and he would be back in his own time as himself and back at the project but at that moment while standing on the accelerator plate a black myst surrounds Sam and a figure appears from out of the darkness a man looking like Dracula looks at Sam with lustful eyes and as he opens his mouth his fangs show and Sam says.

"oh boy!"

And then the vision ended and Sam leaped into his new place in time and space and when the blue light fades away Sam was laying in a coffin as Sam gets up and out of the coffin Sam was dressed just like Dracula and Sam says

"oh boy!"

After leaving the crypt Sam was slowly walking around the castle looking exactly like Dracula wearing a red cape and wearing the famous necklace around his neck just like Dracula.

Sam said to himself as he was looking around the castle.

"this place looks so creepy who would ever live in a place like this?" thinking to himself out loud.

Sam was walking down a really long corridor when


the imaging chamber door opens and Al says to sam while the door is closing behind him.

Al wearing the same clothes as he did the last time Sam leaped into a vampire.

"Sam you're leaped into a vampire again"

Sam looking really unapproving at Al and says

"were been through this before Al there's no such thing as Vampires got it repeat after me there's no such things as vampires OK"

Al looking a bit deflated by Sam's remark says

"OK there's no such thing as vampires"

"so Al who have I leaped into this time?"

Al looks at the hand link and taps it saying

"OK it's July 14 1998 and it's Transylvania, and you are in a medieval castle near the Carpathian Mountains near the Borgo Pass. See Sam you have leaped into Dracula! There's no other logical explanation Sam you are in the right place for Dracula."

"but there's only one problem Al"

"and what's that?"

"I can't have leaped into Dracula because his a fictional character created by bram stoker Al so the only logical explanation I can see is Al the person I have leaped into is a fan of the story a fan that has taken it just one step further to making it real for him"

Al taps the hand link and says

"OK Sam you might be right"

"so Al any ideas why am here?"

Al taps the hand link and says

"we have zero, for zero at the moment but Ziggy I am sure will know soon"

"OK would you please go back and find out for me"

"OK Sam I don't really want to be here anyway in this dark and gloomy place any longer."

Al taps the hand link and the white imaging chamber door opens and before Al disappears Al says

"I better order some more garlic"

And he is gone.

End of part 1
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