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Part 3

"Al does Ziggy know exactly why this lady is going to try and make contact with someone like me?"

Al starts tapping the hand link it goans and the light dances all over the device.

"we are not exactly sure but Ziggy feels it has something to do with a missing child"

"a missing child?"

"yes Sam it's hard to get the data we need a bit more time for Ziggy to locate the data"

"so where's the child now?"

"we're not sure Ziggy gives it a 56.6 per cent chance the child could be somewhere in this castle."

"so all this woman wants is her child back and she will go."

"I would say yes Sam"


Al taps the link and Ziggy says

"with the amount of data we have so far Sam, Ziggy agrees with your theory"

"OK Al go back and give her a helping hand"

Just at that moment Sam notices Al is wearing garlic around his neck and sam says.

"Al what is that?"

Al looking very sheepish says

"oh this it's...... Nothing Sam"

Sam looking very disapproving at Al

"OK it's Garlic"

"Al do we really need to go over this again Al. There's no such thing as vampires OK"

"Sam it's easy for you to say you're not the one that has to see your counterpart in the waiting room he just looks like the other vampire you leaped into before. Some times he looks even whose he has very lustful eyes sam am not taking any chances Sam."

Al taps the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens Al steps into the door way and sam says.

" Al don't come back until you're joined the 20th century. "

And with that the imaging chamber door closes leaving Sam all alone in the hallway.

As soon as Sam returns back to the dining room Johnathan says to Sam.

"I have finished my meal now let's get down to the business at hand"

Sam sits down at the table next to the visitor and Johnathan hands Sam the title deed for the Abby in London and says.

"please read all these forms please they are just the usual legal forms and when you have finished please sign them and then I can file them and get the matter of transferring the legal ownership into your hands."

Sam quickly looks over the documents and signs the paperwork saying

" count Dracula "

End of part 3
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