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Part 4

After the paper work was signed Johnathan took back the documents and put it back into his briefcase and locked the case and said.

"thank you count the hour is indeed late may I stay in the castle tonight and get some rest and then first light tomorrow I can take my leave back to London?"

"sure, sure" Sam says

Sam walks with Johnathan and after a few searching the rooms Sam finally finds one of the guest rooms.

Sam continues to say.

"make yourself at home and I will see you tomorrow good night"

Johnathan smiles and closes the door behind him.

Sam walking back into the hallway suddenly hears a knock on the front door.

Sam looking nervous starts to head for the front door and once their he opens it to find a woman on the door step she looks really unhappy and starts to say in a different language.

"where's my baby?"

Sam not being able to understand her words he says.

"sorry can I help you?"

Then in English she repeats her sentence again then Sam nods and says please come inside.

She steps into the castle and closes the door behind her they both walk up the castle stair way and when they get to the first floor Sam asks her to wait in the hall.

Then Al reappears

Both Sam and Al quickly walks to the end of the hall out of view of there new visitor.

"Al thank goodness you're here does Ziggy know where the ladys baby is?"

Al taps the link and says

"yes the baby is in the north tower of the castle in a room that has been maded up to look like a nursery."

"OK Al go to the baby watch over it"

Al nods and says

"gooshie! Center me on the baby"

And then he disappears and reappears in the nursery.

When Al reappears the baby is sound asleep in a cot and he says to the baby while she's sleeping.

"good, good your still here"

After five minutes Sam appears with her mother the mother looking over joyed being reunited with her child she then goes quickly leaving the room with her baby and takes the child and she leaves straight away making it for the front door.

Sam follows the lady and when they reach the front door she let's her self out and disappears into the night.

Sam says to Al

"so have I done it Al?"

Al reads the hand link and says

"yes Sam history has changed cosmina returns back to her family in safety and she brings up the child and they both have a wonderful future together and she brings up her daughter as she should."

"that's great Al that's great"

Both Al and Sam walk back up the stairs and suddenly from outside they hear wolf's howling and Sam smiles and looks at Al and says.

"the children of the night what sweet music they make"

"Sam that's not funny."

And suddenly a group of women enter the hall way looking a lot like vampires and they slowly walk towards Sam with lustful eyes and Al says.

"Sam they look like vampires to me"

Sam looking almost not sure what to do is then overcome at that moment by blue light he quantum leaps out into time.....

When the blue light fades away Sam finds himself looking like the count again and says to himself.

"oh no am Dracula again"

Sam finds himself in carfax abbey in England and says.

"oh boy!"

End of part 4
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