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A real, hidden gem this one. Out of all my excellent rated episodes, I feel this is one that's more under the radar. I'm glad to see it getting a lot of love here because it definitely deserves it. I think it's the simplicity at the start of the story, followed by the slow realisation that we're in for a more thrilling type of episode that works so well. But honestly, the first 10 minutes or so work so well largely thanks to Scott Bakula alone. I'm not even sure if I've commented on this before, but as many of you know, Scott has a great voice.

Somewhere in the Night is a simply beautiful song. I think all of us who've been touched by love and it hasn't worked out for some reason or another will definitely find a special place in their heart for this song. And without getting overly personal, that's the way it is for me. The melody and words are just beautiful, and Scott does a great job as always. And yeah, I think the moment the car explodes and the girl and that other guy die is when the episode really kick starts, though.

The whole episode is essentially one long chase sequence. It is quite exciting in parts, but of course there's a lot of humour. Characters like Lorraine usually annoy me. I don't know why, but they just do. Lol. But I actually like Lorraine. I think because there's an innocence to her and that she feels down about herself a lot. My favourite scene (aside from the opening one and the diner scene), has to be when Al convinces Sam to give her the boot. Al is just hilarious in that scene. Dean's facial expressions are priceless.

I think the only negative aspect of this episode is that Nicky is just too obvious to be the big villain. The fact that history keeps changing every time Lorraine talks to him should have made Sam and Al catch on sooner than they did.

My rating. Excellent. One of my favourites from season 3.
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