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Very nice, fun and enjoyable Christmas episode. I got to admit that, everytime I play it, it's because I only want to get to the ending with the Ghost Of Christmas Future. Of course everything in the middle is outstandng as well. Mr. Blake is yet another one of my favorite characters from Quantum Leap. Robert Wolterstorff was a great writer companion. He crafted some of the most memorable characters in the series (Jimmy being another example). Shame he didn't make any more writing collaborations after this episode.

It's very hard not to notice that Dean is having the time of his life with this episode, especially at the ending, when he's playing the Ghost. Every actor and actress do an amazing job as well. You can also tell Charles Rocket is feeling his character to the fullest. I didn't like the character of The Captain at first, but after the second viewing she grew on me a lot.

My favorite funny part: When Al as a Ghost shows Blake that, when they took his plaza, they named it "SUMITO PLAZA".

It made me roll a tear when Blake finally breaks up and understands all the wrongs in his life. Another thing I loved from QL, it could make you cry as well as make you laugh, sometimes even at the same time.

One of the nicest spoofs of "A Christmas Carol".

My rating: Excellent. THE Christmas episode.
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