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Default Theorising... Leaping and getting Sam Home

Article 384:
How to get Sam Back Home to future

Date: 12/24/1999
From: JaseFace

I was thinking after I saw "The Leap Back" that just as Sam, when he was in the future, having switched with Al, when he stepped into the accelerator to retrieve al (when he was unconcious)went and leaped into Al, Al could do the same thing for a while, now that it is not a threat to his life, and could bring Sam back into the Future for a while at least so that he could finish the retrieval formula that Ziggy said had a 9% chance of working.

Then he could finally return home and we could all be happy----- but there wouldn't be a show for us to watch. Too bad.

Date: 12/24/1999
From: fireyf

That would be good actaully. It would be fun to have a few episodes where Al was leaping and Sam was the observer. But Al is in his sixties, do you think he'd be up to it? I was thinking of writing a fanfic where Donna leaps. If I can come up with a broader story-line I might do it.
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