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Article 1274:

Date: 02/14/2001
From: bigQLfan

I have a question, two actually. I know there were a few episodes where Sam revealed himself. What were they and what was the reaction? I need this for my paper.

One was

Date: 02/14/2001
From: billcreeper

One was the episode Her Charm where he revealed himself to the professor at the end but we don't know the reaction because he leaped just as he told the professor. Of course the other was Mirror Image mainly to Al the bartender but Al already knew who he was. He also revealed himself to his family in The Leap Home where he was his 16 year old self where tried to forwarm them of the future. Also he revealed himself to the black vice warden in the revenge of the evil leaper and she believed him and helped him get away from the warden who was a murderer.
also on temptation eyes the psychic knew who he was but i don't remember if he revealed his name to her. I think he did. And also the angel on its a wonderful leap know who he was even though i don't know if he actually revealed himself to her or not.

Some more...

Date: 02/14/2001
From: QuantumLeapLover

In the pilot episode, it seems like he mentioned his name to his partner. That was before Al told him not to reveal anything. In Star-Crossed, he tried to get Donna to look into his eyes and see who he really was. In Another Mother, Al tells the youngest daughter that he and Sam are angels and tells her their real names. At the end of The Leap Home, Tom, Sam's brother, says, "Thanks little brother" although Sam never told him who he really was (he had leaped (leapt?)into a black soldier. At the beginning of Last Dance Before an Execution as he is being strapped into the electric chair, he is frantically trying to explain who he is. I can't think of any more right now. QLL

one more

Date: 02/14/2001
From: TinaBaby

the only other one I can think of that wasn't already mentioned was in 'killn time' where sam tells the mother and daughter who are stiles hostages who he really is.

Good list!!! Just a couple of additions

Date: 02/14/2001
From: alongtimefan

The angel one is entitled. It's a Wonderful Leap. Pilot is Genesis. The above mentioned are a pretty complete list...Just a couple more...

Additionally....Don't forget his interesting revelation in What Price Gloria to Buddy. And, he told his bride in "Honeymoon Express." Then there were the odd moments of revelation such in Another Mother and the Wrong Stuff (but no one listened).


Date: 02/15/2001

Also, in Genesis, he reveals himself to his wife, but she doesn't believe him, so he tells here that he & Birddog are planning a gag, and drops it. When he leaps into Tim Fox, he calls his father, but he never reveals who he is. I think that about covers it! In most of the leaps, nobody believed him. The exceptions are the ones previously noted (Temptation Eyes, Her Charm, A Little Miracle, Killing Time, etc).
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