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Smile Congratulations!

Well, the story for Round Robin A is now finished! At the time of this posting, we've received 2,242 views. Hopefully, that was more than just the writers. Anyways, this was wonderful, and I can't wait to start Round Robin B, which I will create the thread for tomorrow.

If anybody's curious, this story ran from 7/18 to 11/24.

Anyways, a big thank you to the following:
================================================== =========
Sam's Crow: You did a lot of postings in the beginning, kicking off the story, and throughout the middle. I hope that you particpate in Round Robin B. Your creativity is appreciated.

Sherdren: You may have only posted once, but you set the entire premise for the story. Thank you for the important posting!

Aurora Illusions: I loved hearing all the nice things you had to say about the story along the way. I hope you enjoyed the ride along, and the ending especially.

Deelicious: Thank you for your contribution to the story.

Errowyn: You started about half-way into the Round Robin, and kept it up through the end. Thank you for every last contribution.

Jassian: Thank you for all the postings throughout, and for the wonderful ending.

leapter1: Your advice that helped throughout a particular portion of the story was much appreciated.

Chicken Boo: Thank you for your contribution to the story.

The Readers: Enough said there.
================================================== =========
I don't think I forgot anyone, but please tell me if I did.

Finally, I copied/pasted the entire story into a word document, which is being attached to this post. It is not at all a polished draft, but me quickly copying everything to a word document. This is for those who want the story, but not the conversational pieces that were in the thread. If someone would like to "pretty" the word document, feel free to.

With that, I'd like to thank everyone who contributed. I had a lot of fun, and I hope to see you all, and more, in the next Round Robin. I'd also love to hear how other people liked it, be it a PM or a reply to this thread.
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