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First, I love the pilot. I've watched it over and over. Every scene a classic.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
It almost makes me wonder if there is a timeline out of many created where Sam had left a pregnant Donna to try out the machine, of course expecting to return.
Probably a topic for another thread, but if Donna was pregnant, I really don't think Sam would have leaped. He had to be aware that there were major risks involved in leaping before the project was ready. Anything could happen. He could have died in the Accelerator if it malfunctioned. Did he realize that he could become trapped in the past and be unable to return? Or did he simply think that it wouldn't work and he would just be standing there while nothing happened? At any rate, I don't think he would take the risk with a child on the way.

In the timeline where he's married to Donna, I have to believe he would tell her what he was planning, and she would have to agree to it. Sam is too honest and ethical to take such a risk without telling his wife. So I take that as one reason why she waits for him--she agreed to it and took the risk.
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