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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
Hey, Kristen and I love Peoria! It's funny and cute and it was based off a Non American based movie FYI, Good Morning Vietnam. I love seeing Sam in a fun mood. So I think the top ten worst episodes are a matter of opinion.

Here are mine:
Trilogies (All three) - Absoutly horrid episodes. Sam goes out of his moral charactor in the second one and Abigale is annoying, obnoxious and a ditz. I hate the idea of Sam having a kid with anyone other than Donna.

The Last gunfighter - See my post in it's review thread. :P

Heart of a Chamption - Its boring, and the brother with the heart thing is really stupid for not even consitering the possibility of something wrong. Plus as a personal bonus, diseases and medical stuff very easily creep me out.

Goodbye Norma Jean - I didn't disklike anything specific, it's just not a good episode.

My best friend Kristen shares all these by the way. except the trilogies, she doesn't like them, but she also doesn't absolutly hate Abigale and Sammy Jo though like I do.

That's all I have, because other than that, I have my least favorities but I wouldn't consiter them bad episodes.
And then to others, I find all of the episodes are great. Even Trilogy. There are episodes that I don't like as much as others, but the thing is that each episode has it's own merit. All of them. You can dislike certain things in each one, but I can't make myself choose which one that I dislike the most.

What I like even better to do is re-watch an episode and just find the things that I like about it more than what I dislike about it. Just a thought.

Going into the morality and the ethical issues of Trilogy isn't in question... and whether or not it was something that was moral or ethical, it did happen according to canon... so even if you don't like it... you have to recognize that it did happen.

Things happen in life that people don't like - moral and ethical things and people have to live on. Like today, I didn't like having to stay after school for a meeting that I *had* to attend, but it was a part of my job, so I did it. It wouldn't have been the right thing to do to not go to it. So, I went. I didn't like it, but I did it anyway.

*shrugs* I guess it's just how you look at things.

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