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Originally Posted by Grimlock
Well, this doesn't surprise me, as you have a passionate hate for the Trilogy.

Mind you, there won't be many fans around who will rate this and the no. 2 (trust me, you won't like that one either) above Trilogy (in terms of quality).
I'm trying to figure out what this means but it's eluding me. How does disliking the Trilogy episodes automatically translate into liking this episode. I'm sure it's not how you meant it but this sentence seems to be a bit rude.

As far as how people rate things quality wise, I would rate "It's A Wonderful" as being better than the Trilogy episodes but that's my opinion. Each person is going to differ on what their opinion is, what they think is a good episodes, and what they think a quality episode is.

I think you do need to keep in mind that these lists are your opinions. While it's your right to hold an opinion about this or any episode, and I'd fight to the death to protect your right to such, it's good to bear in mind that, in the end, this is Your Opinion. It's not a rule of law and it doesn't have to be accepted by everyone as a whole. It doesn't mean that the person who disagrees with your opinion is somehow defective.
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