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Originally Posted by Grimlock
Well, if you were a non-fan then I would be boiling

Why don't you list your 10 least favourite (aka 'worst') episodes of QL in this thread and I will tell you if I rate (like) those episodes or not. Offcourse, rating them doesn't automatically mean that they will appear on the other list as there are at least a dozen episodes which could have replaced the ones which are on the (other) list.
Ok, I will try, but it may be a little hard for me to come up with ten:
1.) Triogies (all three)
2.) The Last Gunfighter
3.) Heart of a Champion
4.) Last Dance Before an Excution (Except I do like the scene where Al gets the little girl to help him talk to the layer woman)
5.) Goodbye Norma Jean

thats all I can come up with right now because I have other that arn't my favorites but I wouldn't call them my least favorites eaither. That list is in no partiular order by the way.

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