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Hey I like that Idea, of it being a two episode special. I think that would have been great. I agree they needed to do more with Donna including Bringing Terry Hacher back hehe. Although I also loved Mimi Kuyaz(sp?).

I think they could have also expanded on Donna trying to get Sam to stay home and Sam having a personal debate on it. He loves both Al and Donna but he can only help one. But we all know Sam, he has got to always find a way to help everyone. I believe this is most strongly shown in Dr. Ruth. Yet this time would be special because it's just impossible. unlike Dr. Ruth and other eps where this applies he just cannot help both. He eaither has to save Al or stay with Donna. In the end his mind wins over his heart. They definiety could have made a great two parter out of this episode.

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