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Originally Posted by bluedana
This is one of my top five episodes; I can watch it over and over, and find something new. It's that compelling.

The last time I put on that episode, my husband pointed out how interesting it was to him that GTFW didn't think that Jesus' execution was a "wrong" that needed to be made right.
Yes--anybody who says this episode demonstrates a liberal mindset just isn't paying attention. With a liberal agenda, the execution definitely would have been stopped.

And notice how many QL episodes are about the military, the Vietnam War, and so forth. Not about the murky politics behind the war, and very little about the protests against it, but just about the plight of the soldiers who had to fight it. Liberals would concentrate on the protests.

The episode did have its biggest impact on me the first time I watched it, but it remains well worth watching again. That moment when Al appears and says "Tell them you want to confess" just makes my hair stand on end. And I love the shopping mall line. And the way Sam says, "Where the hell have you been?" He's never sounded that desperate.
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