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Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
September, 1981. A little girl named Teresa Bruckner is visited by an angel - a man in strange clothes, who says his name is Al. He sings her a lullaby and promises to come back someday, before vanishing in a flash of blue light.
April, 1995. Teresa Bruckner is no longer sure she believes in the angel named Al. In fact, she doesn`t know what she believes in anymore. So she goes to a peaceful New England monastery to rest and think and plan. And, according to Ziggy to die.
Now Sam Beckett - who has Leaped into a visiting priest - must change things for Teresa, as he did once before. But the odds are not good, and it soon becomes obvious that it will take more than one Leaper and one cigar-smoking angel to save her from certain death...

Note: Follow up of the real episode: "Another Mother"
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