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Default Leap In Year

Originally Posted by alsplacebartender View Post
Pick a year by selecting it in the poll above!
Either year is fine...however...we can't have a 'leap in' take place in the current year...that never happened on the show. about whatever year we 'leap in' to D*C is the year at the project and we vote for the year we 'leap in' to.

Some suggestions could be 1989 (the year the show started)...1995 (the year Sam leapt)...1953 (Mirror Image)...there are so many other possibilities.

Might there be a QL panel?

At this last D*C for Firefly...there was a fan film followed by a 'Shindig.' Very cool. Maybe there could be something similar for QL (a leap the one that Al and the project were having when Sam first leapt?)

They also had a Pirate and Time Travelers Ball. That certainly fits QL.

Any of these suggestions resonate?
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