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This one was intense all right. Probably one of the most dramatic, if not the most dramatic, I've seen. From start to finish - Sam leaps in and immediately realizes what's going on - the panic is palpable. The ending was a complete surprise - we are assuming all through the episode Sam is there to prove Jesus is innocent. Al yelling at Sam to leap as the executioner is throwing the switch - what an edge of your seat moment in the series.

The thing about this one that kind of gets me is that apparently Jesus leapt into the Waiting Room in some kind of comatose state - Al says Jesus must think he's already dead and his mind just shut down, apparently. So he isn't given false hope, spending the next 48 hours in the waiting room thinking he'll get a reprieve. He's sort of in a state of suspended animation, and presumably completely unaware. I wonder if he regained consciousness when he leapt back in during the electrocution.
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