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Originally Posted by blue enigma
The execution is the problem though. Of course it wasn't an easy decision for Sam and Donna wasn't going to let Al die, both for unselfish and selfish reasons. But because the episode was so rushed it does feel like he's brushing her aside and there is something very unsatisfying about it. For me anyway.
I feel yah, honestly. I completely agree.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
I think Sam acts like a creep to her in the 'Star Crossed' episode
As a first impression I can understand that but as the series progresses we learn that Sam simply becomes careless and impulsive when very determined. He pushed a bit hard because he loves her so much.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
As for whether she was his soul mate or not, maybe she was. But so was Abigail Fuller in the 'Trilogy', and Tamlyn in 'Temptation Eyes', etc.
No way. No one he become involved with in a leap was anywhere near a soul mate. Those were relationships of circumstance. He became deeply involved in certain womens situations to the point where he came to be affectionate towards them. Given his particular presence in their lives I think it's obvious that he wasn't meant to be with any of them. Not even Tamlyn who was the only adult able to see his true self as much as I ADORED her.
Abigail...well that's pretty obvious. Her crap of a life was so bizarre it was ridiculous. I may be biased with her however as even as a child I can not stand Abigail. In fact the adult Abigail he slept with if memory serves resembled Donna which could be a suggestion.

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