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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
We have to remember
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that it is Sam leaping himself around. Therefore, it makes sense that he would subconsciously block out anything that would prevent him from completing his life's work, even someone he loves as much as Donna.
This exactly. I've always thought this.
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If he remembered her he might want to stop leaping. And the part of him that wants to keep leaping/feels he has to keep leaping subconsciously/unconsciously blocks that out.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
THIS would have been an amazing trilogy. Have Sam leap again to save Al, the project would try to retrieve him but be unsuccessful, have an entire episode dedicated to the project and have Donna become mentally unstable from being abandoned by another man, and then in the final episode, Al would break his silence and tell Sam exactly what he thinks of him selfishly changing history for himself at Donna's expense, and Sam then leaping away to convince Donna to marry her first fiance.
That would certainly have changed up the formula and added drama -- and melodrama, lol. I like the idea of Al breaking his silence and being the one to tell Sam what's what -- that was often part of the role he played as Sam's observer and friend anyway, but it would also tie into Al's own hard feelings regarding Sam fixing his own marriage but not Al's. And to be fair, I don't think Al dwells on it. Sam is his good friend and I think he forgave him after the events of 'M.I.A.', moved on and accepted that it wasn't meant to be for him and Beth and that Sam did what he thought was right -- for the most part. But then there's that other little part that can flare up no matter how much you think you've moved on, and that would have been a very realistic and human reaction on Al's part.
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