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No, I haven't seen the original film but know of Christopher Walken. Perhaps sometime I shall check it out.

Now the Butterfly Effect in my opinion is such a brilliant concept but it does lack...a base if that's an appropriate term (can't think of another). It's not clear how he's sending himself back into his memories though I suppose that could be the point.
It doesn't bare a resemblance to Quantum Leap however other than the basic concept of time travel.

Another film which is actually somewhat close in execution to The Butterfly Effect is The Time Traveler's Wife. A lovely and intense bittersweet story but though neither my best friend or I read the book she for one could tell right away despite that it translated to film poorly. It being a pretty complex concept, I can see how it would be difficult.
Amusingly I often find myself entertaining how horrible a time poor Sam would have making the kind of arrivals Henry does, HA, though quite delicious for us who love some shirtless Scott.

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