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Hehe!! Calm down, dude!! I never said I didn't like cliches. QL was filled with them, after all, because, as you say, it was a fictional TV show, no more. I accept that and that's part of the fun. My point is with the writing of the characters in this particular episode. Most of the time I loved Paul Brown's characters, being them from the 60's or whatever, but there were other times where it seemed that he didn't have a clue and chose to overdo them a lot, like on this episode or like on "Private Dancer" or that other one, "Temptation Eyes". I feel that the characters in this episode are all pretty straightforward and have no real substance. They come off as empty and I can't simpatize with them or feel bad/good for their decisions. Even on the episodes where he manages to have very interesting characters, there are parts where he slips it a bit and I can't help but notice that he seemed to have a pretty one-sided view of life, at least during the time he collaborated with QL. That's one of the reasons I consider him one of the weakest writers of the series. At least he managed to be consistent and, like I said, I liked him most of the time either way. I can't say the same thing about Robin Jill Bernheim, for example, or many other season 5 writers like Richard C. Okie, who helped to kill the show, in my opinion. Experiencing the body of work from those fellows, let me tell you that Paul Brown was missed a great deal on the last season. The fact that you mentioned nowadays life doesn't have anything to do with what I tried to say, sorry.
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